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The Hispanic Chambers of Commerce of San Francisco (HCCSF) is emerging as a California’s premier business organization. This can be attributed largely to the representation of four small ethnic chambers based in San Francisco. Remaining independently as chambers, they united to form a new high caliber organization.

The HCCSF is filling a void in San Francisco, its membership base and its strategic location here in the heart of the Mission District in San Francisco, and the Bay Area, makes it well placed to represent small businesses.

Today, the Hispanic business community is the fastest growing sector of the California economy. The Bay Area and California Hispanic market alone produces revenue of billions of dollars a year. Your HCCSF is a vital access point for business opportunity in our Hispanic Business community as well as to our growing representation.

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Mission Fire
Mission Fire - San Francisco

Mission Fire – San Francisco

The Hispanic Chambers of Commerce of San Francisco, and the Center for Economic Independence of Women and Youth Foundation -CEIFWF, a 501 c3 tax exempt foundation have joined to support small businesses that lost everything in the fire. We will be the recipient of these funds, and we are not charging any administrative fees. All of the proceeds of this campaign will go to the affected businesses.

Seven Latino owned family small businesses have lost their only source of income in the 4-alarm fire that struck the building located on 22nd Street and Mission in the evening of January 28th. This has been a tragedy for the community as one life has been lost, over thirty small businesses have been displaced, and about sixty residential tenants lost their apartments.

Unfortunately, they have lost everything in the fire, and they are not allowed to return to the building. Most likely, the building will be demolished, and sold for a profitable return. Most of the building residents have received public and private assistance, and have been relocated. On the other hand, small businesses are still dealing with insurance claims, and the fact is that most of them were under insured. It is very disheartening to see how they have lost their only source of income after they struggled to start, and they able to run their businesses with limited resources. Some of them were just seeing their businesses grow, but now all their efforts have vanished in front of their eyes.

We are looking to raise $140,000 that will help them to start over. These funds will be distributed in equal parts and will be used for relocation costs of the following small businesses: El Perol Peruvian Restaurant, Kosa Bella, Vivi Alterations, Thalia’s Jewelry, Antojitos Salvadoreños Aminta, Bay Area Fish and Poultry, and Nieves Cinco de Mayo

Your contribution will be very impactful for their families, and the community, as they employ more than thirty low income local residents. We ask you to help them by going to the link below and make a donation. Remember, it can happen to you.


 * Special thanks to CEIFW Foundation founder, Karla Garcia, and to Gabriela Sapp, Co-founder/Business Consultant at Equitable Growth Solutions, for their prompt response and for offering their assistance to these businesses.